Find Unconventional Wedding Dresses for the Modern Bride

If a traditional white wedding dress does not fit your style, consider these options instead.

Nowadays, there are wedding dresses of all shapes, colors and patterns. The traditional long white dress is no longer a necessity for modern brides who want to incorporate their personal style into their big day.

This means that the possibilities are endless. These 17 fun and fashionable wedding dresses allow you to rethink everything you thought you knew about the traditional style of the bride.

Patterned long sleeves are a popular style that turns a traditional wedding dress into something unique and modern. The endless possibilities for patterns and embroidery allow you to choose a dress that fits your own style and wedding day.

A touch of color goes a long way. Whether it’s the bold crop top with a pastel yellow skirt (top) or an orange-colored dress with a lace-lined open back (bottom), adding color to a white dress will definitely make it pop! Choose a color you like that can be integrated into your palette to create a consistent theme for the ceremony.

If you decide to give up the white wedding dress in exchange for a vibrant shade, do not forget to take into account the style and venue of your wedding. The bohemian bride above chose gold gladiator sandals with a floral designed tan dress that really played her personal style, while the two pretty pink brides below coordinated blush and water color sets to get lost by the standard.

Did you dream of wearing all white when you were little but still want to make your wedding style modern? The two hi-lo skirts (top) show a wedding dress trend that allows you to show off your gorgeous legs!

With different cutouts and many different skirt options, you can find or create your dream dress that shows your best features.

If you are not a dress or skirt at all, you do not need to become one on your wedding day. Many designers make stylish white pants for brides rocking in the aisle. They are perfect for engagement photos, small intimate weddings at the courthouse, reception outfits or for brides who just want to feel more comfortable.

Beautiful flowers are a wedding staple, why not incorporate them into your wedding dress!? We’re seeing a major trend in floral-inspired dresses this season and it’s easy to understand why. The colorful and cheerful patterns create an instant exhilarating sensation that makes everyone smile as they pass by.

Another big trend we see is geometric and embroidered details. The two dresses above use pearls and sequins to create stunning patterns that will catch your eye.

The full-on sequined dresses below are a more extreme version for brides who are not afraid to wear a little sparkle. Intricate details and eye-catching colors will surely remind you and your guests for many years to come.

Talk about the spark! These silver (top) and gold (bottom) wedding dresses are not for the faint of heart. Whether you opt for classic Hollywood glamour or just love the look of all things shiny, these wedding dresses will turn heads and you’ll feel like the center of attention.

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