If you are planning a beach wedding, you are probably wondering what to wear. Finally, you have to action the sun and sand and sea breeze. And when you travel to your wedding venue, you also have to action with the monstrosity at the airport. So, skip the train and the taffeta and the headache. We have a collection of chic and ready-to-wear wedding dresses just for you(because we are so friends).

At the front, my favorite wedding dress in this heap is the one above. Mainly because I wouldn’t want it so much in a more traditional place. The illusion lace perfectly matches the casual and warm atmosphere for a beach wedding. And it would look gorgeous with a pair of wedge sandals(and heels are just a beach no-no).

As mentioned earlier, the climate is one thing to watch out for when buying a beach wedding dress. Especially if you’re going to a tropical destination, you’ll want to avoid the heaps of tulle. Stick to simple silhouettes with cotton lining to stay cool. And if you decide to go sleeveless, pay special attention to charging sunscreen. You don’t want to be a tomato in your honeymoon photos.

Length is another characteristic that needs to be reflected. With the oceans come the sea breezes, and the last thing you want is a tragic wardrobe malfunction in front of the new in-laws. Avoid short and tea-length dresses with full skirts or a-line. Instead, opt for cocktail-style sheaths that hug you a little at the knee, or longer dresses with a fabric that’s a little heavier.

For example, I think it would take a hurricane to blow up the skirt on this halter dress (below). Instead of blowing, it will blow and cling to your legs(if you want to avoid this, walk with a different figure).

That dress ‘ tiers (above) would look so amazing to move in the wind, wouldn’t it? And if in doubt, it’s always good to go to a beach wedding. The dress below is made of linen, ideal to counter the summer heat with style.

Maybe your beach wedding is not the tropical variety. Whether on the Northern California coast or the South Carolina coast, this lace boho dress beautifully embodies the casual chic that accompanies a beach party. And if your beach wedding is more on the beach than on the sand, delight the patio crowd with this one-shoulder stunner.

Still a little relaxed, its radiance adds a bit of pzazz.

If you want to be completely offbeat and very comfortable in your sunset affair, opt for a sequined romper or a minimalist slip dress.

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