Find Essential Scoop and Boat Neck Wedding Dresses for You

There are many reasons to buy scoop and boat-neck wedding dresses.

There are many reasons to buy scoop and boat-neck wedding dresses. Perhaps you are looking for something more modest for a religious ceremony. Or maybe just something more modest for you (if you never show a cleavage, why do you do it on your wedding day?).

It may be that you want a classic and simple dress and have noticed that most of the ones you have admired have a traditional shovel neck. After all, like me, you have been to many weddings to count, but you are pretty sure that all your married friends have worn a nice neckline in the hallway, and you just want something different.

Your first option for a higher (but not too high) neckline is to use a dress with some kind of lace overlay. This creates the illusion of a shovel neck while feeling fresh and light. Some styles even stand out, so you can wear the simple white sundress underneath at the reception or only after in the summer.

If you grew up in the 90s, you know that no wedding dress was more chic than the one Carolyn Bessette wore when she married JFK Jr (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you have to stop and do a quick Google search). These coat, cut and flare styles completely recall this refined and minimalist look.

You know, there’s another reason why you’re looking for a boat neck dress. It may be that you want to show off your gorgeous legs with a slit at the thigh or a bold hem, so choose to play it conservatively elsewhere.

These shorter wedding and reception dresses are as refined as their floor-length counterparts. This after dress is just pure retro magic. Even if it doesn’t look like Grace Kelly’s wedding dress, it looks a little like her dress, you know?

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